Livingston  Area Intergroup

"Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help other alcoholics achieve sobriety."


Online AA Meetings

We are no longer making changes to meetings, instead we are going to list zoom meetings by the day of the week

Livingston Area Meetings


Nightly Open Discussion Meeting (Everyday, 7pm)  

Avon Hope Monday (Monday, 8:00pm)   

By the Book AA  Noon (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 12:00pm) 

Fellowship of the Spirit (Wednesday, 6:00pm)  

Lima Wednesday (Wednesday, 7:30pm)  

Thursday Way Out Group (Thursday, 7;30pm) 

Thursday Mumford (Thursday, 8:00 pm) 

Avon Hope Friday (Friday, 8:30pm) 

Lakeville EyeOpener (Saturday, 8:00am)
Sober on Sunday (Sunday, 8pm)


Additional Service Meetings

 District 0106 Meeting (Thursday 4/2 @ 6:30pm)

Rochester Area Meetings


Meeting Codes

1st = First Step Meeting
O = Open Meeting
St = Step Meeting
Sp = Speaker Meeting
D = Discussion Meeting
W = Women’s Meeting

M = Men’s Meeting
AL = Al Anon
Sp/d = Speaker w Discussion Meeting
BB = Big Book Meeting
H/E = Handicapped Entrance
H/R = Handicapped Restrooms
B = Beginners Meeting

Livingston Area Intergroup

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